«Transparent communication, clinically-validated technologies, addressing real-life clinical needs; these might sound like no-brainer components to a digital health company since they are working in the healthcare sector. It is also a rapidly expanding one where investments were heavily channeled into during the pandemic. However, some estimate that 90% of digital health startups will go bust or be ‘acqui-hired’ within a few years of being founded. If digital health represents the future of medicine and healthcare, it is important to understand why this is the case.»

«We previously dissected the reasons as to why digital health startups go bust and the human element that jeopardised promising digital health tech. So in this article, we decided to go back to the dissection room to explore the anatomy of a good digital health company. So let’s take our digital scalpel and get to the task!»

Article written by The Medical Futurist



The Medical Futurist